by Jamie Connors (Loyola College)
for a full month, one becomes aware of the drastically huge possibility of gaining a massive amount of weight. Me, being very conscious of my weight and how easy it is for me to pack on the pounds figured the best way to steer clear from the weight gain was to go for a daily jog, hike or long walk. Apparently, exercising, or doing anything more than walking down to street to go pick up some fresh pasta is strange, unusual and even looked down upon.

After spending about five days in Cagli, Italy and consuming an unthinkable amount of pasta and bread, I felt it very necessary to do some sort of activity that involved a rapid heart beat. Father Bruno decided to take a few of us up to the mountain for a hike, we jogged about a half of a mile to the mountain and then continued to climb it. Because I enjoyed doing this so much, I found time the following day to take a quick jog and see more of Cagli. I am not a person that likes to run or enjoys it at all, I just know what I need to do to lead a healthier life.

As I started to run, I swiftly passed the beautiful houses and small shops, while cars passed. I began to jog through the streets when I noticed an older woman staring at me, I quickly glanced behind me to see if a car was about to run me over, but noticed there was nothing. She was glaring at me as if I was running in a chicken suit. I immediately picked up the pace and tried to get in the “zone.” As I got further away from the town, I felt uncomfortable with the way people were looking at me, pointing towards me, and some even laughing. It was as if I had a sign on my forehead that said STUPID AMERICAN. Never in my life have I felt like it was wrong or strange to go for a jog or to exercise, this was the first time I felt like I stood out as a incompetent individual that was not aware of her surroundings.

Because I am quite a rambunctious individual I now plan to embrace the stares, pointing and laughter. Now on my occasional jogs I wave and smile. It seems to make them just as uncomfortable as they made me! SO THERE, CAGLI!