by Jamie Connors (Loyola College)
spent in Cagli, I started coming to the realization that I am going to miss this place so much. Not because of Caffe del Corso, or the amazing paninis-- it's the atmosphere and the community this culture has that I am so jealous of. I am going to miss walking in the piazza and seeing the same 15 old men I have seen, or the five ladies who sit at Caffe d'Italia to gossip and sip on their espressos. I have never really been able to grasp the extreme closeness of Italians until thinking about going home and not being able to eat my food, sit down for thirty minutes and then go pay whenever I feel like it. The trust these people have in one another is unbelievable.

Another thing I have noticed about this culture is their morals they have. I have seen two specific men in this town that clearly have some mental disability, but because these individuals are a part of Cagli, they are a part of everyone’s life. You can see people helping them, comforting them, and giving them company. It is really uplifting to see people come together as a whole and create such a comforting community for all.