by Diana Blass (American University)
ONE OF THE MOST PRIZED MEALS in American culture must be awarded to breakfast. Little did I know that I would miss such a delicacy as much as this since my arrival in Cagli. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and bagels have all been replaced by coffee and a croissant. This was a huge cultural shock to me, especially since the American culture utilizes it as a major kick start to our day. While coffee is an absolute necessity to the majority of Americans, it is safe to say that our bodies enjoy that extra comfort of protein and carbohydrates in the morning.

I have become so accustomed to the incorporation of a daily breakfast in my diet, that it shocks me to see the denial of it in the Italian culture. It makes me wonder how the Italians manage to maintain their slim and fit figures, since skipping meals in the American culture is contributed largely to our obesity. It is strange for me to imagine my once treasured breakfast to be transferred and re-grouped into a one large lunch. I suppose it would be easier for me to grasp this idea if this lunch was similar to our brunch. But instead there is no realization of the true enjoyment found within those fluffy, golden pancakes and rich eggs benedict. Only time will tell how the absence of breakfast will truly affect me. Are those reports about weight gain true, or are the Americans simply doing it all wrong? I shall see!